Week 6, Day 26-30 Content
“An ounce of action, is worth a ton of theory.”

Welcome to Week 6.
Most people spend their life talking and preparing to take action, and yet never do it.

Focused action is what we will explore this week, you will explore how to take focused action, by being less busy and more productive. How to storyboard your vision, feel the fear and lead out.

To make positive changes in our lives we need a sense of future. Then we can move with focus in that direction

Week 6 - Day 26 - Focused Action

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Week 6 - Day 27 - Storyboard Your Future

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Week 6 - Day 28 - Outstanding Leaders Are Paid To Take Risks

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Week 6 - Day 29 - The Power Of Outstanding Questions

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Week 6 - Day 30 - Final

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