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Online Leadership System

Is this your time to step out and take your leadership skills from good to outstanding?

The Seconds Away from
Outstanding Leadership System

A 30 Day Breakthrough Online Video training based on the bestelling business leadership book Seconds Away from Outstanding Leadership.

What if you could raise your leadership performance to a whole new level – mastering the 6 Pillars of Outstanding Leadership?

Preparing you today to lead from the front-line of tomorrow.

This six week online leadership programme will take you on a step-by-step journey using Molly’s Six Pillar framework. This framework is so powerful in producing results that Molly has been delivering it across many organisations and board rooms since the best selling book was released in 2012.


WEEK ONE – The Presence of a Leader

Think back to a time when you were totally enchanted by someone elses presence. You were aware of every word and movement they made. Now step back and think for a moment what does your presence say about you. Find out in week one, just how approachable your presence currently is.

WEEK TWO – Rituals of an Outstanding Leader

All too often we look to outstanding leaders and assume they just got lucky or that they were born to lead. What we don’t see is the discipline and some of the daily rituals that go into crafting the extraordinary impact they have and results they create. In week two you will get to know and understand these rituals.

WEEK THREE – Discipline of an Outstanding Leader

It takes discipline to be an outstanding leader. Discipline is all about the choices you make every day. You give yourself the command and then you make the decision to follow through with it. This week you will discover more about your current disciplines in business and life.

WEEK FOUR – Trusting Your Inner SatNav

To trust the inner satnav we have to think and live from the inside out. You ahve to trust the small quiet guidance system within you completely. This week, you will focus on developing your inner satnav to a whole new level of possibility.

WEEK FIVE – How the Outstanding Leader Collaborates

Why is it sometimes it’s as if we are from different planets? People can be confusing and relationships difficult to understand. Very often instead of collaborating with others, we compete and try to influence and persuade people and it doesn’t always work. This week you will explore how to collaborate in a more effective way and share your collective spark, heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind with everyone you meet.

WEEK SIX – Outstanding Leaders Take Focussed Action

Most people spend their whole life talking and preparing to take action. Focussed action is all about inspired action. It is as if something inside of you is saying “do it“. This week you will learn all about how to take focussed action in business and life.

This is what you will receive…

It is a breakthrough video based on-line programme, where it’s like having a one-to-one conversation with Molly over 30 days. Your content is e-mailed to you directly each week day, but you may also utilise the Members Area – in case you miss a day, or would like to watch any content again.



  • Every day over 30 days you will watch a short video which Molly will personally coach you on, and a different topic will be provided to you each day. Followed by an assignment which usually takes no more than 5 minutes.
  • Work with your downloadable ‘Thinking Journal’ that is packed with quotes and thought provoking questions.
  • Work with your ‘Daily Ponder Journal’ – with more questions to accelerate your thinking and actions.
  • Receive a daily quote of the day to challenge your thinking further.
  • Complete a weekday assignment – doing so allows you to put into action, what you have learnt.
  • Practice the lessons learned, by putting the lessons to use throughout the day. Doing so will begin to create new, effective habits.
  • Listen to a chapter and download the ‘Seconds Away from Outstanding Leadership’ CD each week, over 6 weeks.
  • You will receive a digital copy of Molly’s #1 best-selling ‘Seconds Away from Outstanding Leadership’ book. Read and complete one chapter per week.
  • Have access to your online course video archive. So in case you miss a day, or go on holiday, you can go to the archives and catch up.